Daddy Teach Me

Explore the ups and downs of being a parent in the first of a five-book series. Explore the laughs, the smiles, the tears, and the fears. Through it all, these experiences are the backbone of our child's world. Through them, our children exist, and we persevere through life's lessons. Josiah, a single black father, takes his son Junior on a journey called life. Take the journey of life with Josiah, a single black father, and his son Junior. As their story begins, you will see how their journey is no different from yours. The father and son duo go through and grow through some of the same incidents that all families face. Through their stories, we gain a clear picture of how life can be at times. Take your journey alongside the Myles family. Interact with the book and add your photos and stories. How did your journey with your child begin? Your journey with your child will not end; it will continue to the next generation.



Papaw, Where's Memaw

COMING SOON Winter of 2023

The prequel of Daddy Teach Me.

Disclaimer: Not the actual book cover.

A Daughter's Touch

COMING SOON Fall of 2024

The next generation. Book number three in this five-book series. 

Disclaimer: Not the actual book cover.

A Hero Lives Here

 Book #4

The beginning of the generation. The fourth book in this five-book series.

Disclaimer: This s not the actual book cover.

Grandma's House

Book #5

The adventures always seem to continue at grandma's house—the fifth book in this book series.  

Disclaimer: This is not the actual book cover.

Two Percent

Book #6

My personal journey towards being an educator. My first nonfiction story, based on the number of black male educators in the US. 

Disclaimer: This is not the actual book cover. 

Slave Curse: Exposing the Generational Curse of Black Fathers

Book #7

This book seeks to explore and disprove the notion that black fathers are absent from the lives of their children. Through various black father contributors and the history of slavery, Author Eugene Miles, Jr. will walk through time to counteract the ideals of black fatherhood. 

Disclaimer: This is not the actual book cover.